******COVID – 19 Update Week of March 23, 2020******

Effective March 26th, 2020 ACC BNA will be suspending all residential deliveries and only doing dock to dock pick-ups &/o deliveries.

With the government enacting the Safer at Home Order, for multiple cities now, we are still able to continue business under, “Essential Activities”.

Accelerated Courier, Inc, has all the proper measures and precautions in place.

1. Each and every person that enters our building from any door in our facility is required to fill out a COVID-19 questionnaire. This includes information about travel outside the county, coming in contact with anyone that has return from outside the country, in contact with anyone with COVID-19, and/or having any flu like symptoms within the last 14 days. (kept on file)

2. Preparation – how to handle if; (World Health Organization)
a. If someone comes in contact with someone that has traveled outside the US
b. If someone comes in contact with a person with COVID-19 virus
c. If we see any symptoms with our own employees, we reserve the right to check them with temp controlled device and send them to a health facility for a checkup.
d. Safe Distance Training to speak to employees and interact with them.
e. Report any incidents to HHS
f. Mandatory Self-Quarantine

3. Regular Updates to staff from OSHA & CDC recommendations.
a. Proper way to wash hands
b. What areas are most commonly missed when washing your hands
c. Not touching their face
d. Reporting anyone they see intentionally spreading the virus

4. Contingency Plan
a. Work-from-home protocol
b. I.T. infrastructure set up via VPN
c. Limited amount of staff allowed in the office at the same time

We are at the mercy of the drivers/employee’s health and do our best to find alt solutions if needed. We have been lucky to have not had any negative instances at present and those that may not have felt well implemented self-quarantine. As more information comes to us, we will continue to update you.