******COVID – 19 Update August 3rd, 2020******

Covid-19 Fee

Hello Valued Accelerated Customer,

As many of you know the cost of continuing business during the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to rise. Maintaining C-19 regulations and restrictions for Accelerated locations include but are not limited to, cleaning facilities multiple times a day, purchasing masks, and endless temperature devices. We will continue to meet the service expectation however, ACC will begin implementing a $2.50 bill of lading charge starting August 4th, 2020 to help maintain this level of service during C-19. We appreciate all your support and understanding. Together we will make it through this!


Brook Pearse
Accelerated USA

******COVID – 19 Update July 1st, 2020******

ACC will begin going back to the basic again due to the spike in Covid-19. We are continuing to watch the news as well as hearing other companies making comments about other who either have it and/or have others that have it and have been around those individual.

Effective Immediately carriers that are entering are building will be required again to where masks. NO MASK, NO SERVICE

******COVID – 19 Update May 4th, 2020******

ACC is starting to see that some states are introducing more relaxed guidelines and businesses beginning to plan for phased re-openings, and there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel.

We are committed to containing this virus and will continue to follow protocol of protective equipment, hand sanitization stations, & social distancing

We are beginning to see that it is mandatory for our drivers to wear masks as well as receive a temp check. Should anyone exhibit a fever (99.5 degrees Fahrenheit or above), they will not be permitted to enter warehouses and will be turned away.

ACC is cooperating with all facilities that have their own checks and balances.

At present all of our offices are still operating without issues. The below still remains in place with no residentials as well as the EWR change of hours.
Please note with all the shortages of employees at the airlines there will be waiting time charged for any delays after 30 minutes

As we have been trying not to alter any of our transit times and lockouts, we are forced to make an adjustment on our EWR location. Effective 4.3.2020 we are closing at 1700 ET. The adjustment will entail:

EWR arrival was 1300 ET and has moved to 1400 ET
EWR departure was 2300 ET and has moved to 1600
M – F Only & No Weekend Service

Effective March 26th, 2020 ACC BNA will be suspending all residential deliveries and only doing dock to dock pick-ups &/o deliveries.

With the government enacting the Safer at Home Order, for multiple cities now, we are still able to continue business under, “Essential Activities”.

Accelerated Courier, Inc, has all the proper measures and precautions in place.

1. Each and every person that enters our building from any door in our facility is required to fill out a COVID-19 questionnaire. This includes information about travel outside the county, coming in contact with anyone that has return from outside the country, in contact with anyone with COVID-19, and/or having any flu like symptoms within the last 14 days. (kept on file)

2. Preparation – how to handle if; (World Health Organization)
a. If someone comes in contact with someone that has traveled outside the US
b. If someone comes in contact with a person with COVID-19 virus
c. If we see any symptoms with our own employees, we reserve the right to check them with temp controlled device and send them to a health facility for a checkup.
d. Safe Distance Training to speak to employees and interact with them.
e. Report any incidents to HHS
f. Mandatory Self-Quarantine

3. Regular Updates to staff from OSHA & CDC recommendations.
a. Proper way to wash hands
b. What areas are most commonly missed when washing your hands
c. Not touching their face
d. Reporting anyone they see intentionally spreading the virus

4. Contingency Plan
a. Work-from-home protocol
b. I.T. infrastructure set up via VPN
c. Limited amount of staff allowed in the office at the same time

We are at the mercy of the drivers/employee’s health and do our best to find alt solutions if needed. We have been lucky to have not had any negative instances at present and those that may not have felt well implemented self-quarantine. As more information comes to us, we will continue to update you.

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