Can you get quotes directly off your website?

Our website currently does not allow you to get quotes directly off the site. For quotes and/or spot rates on shipments, contact your local Accelerated office.

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Does your web page allow you to request a shipment to be dispatched?

NO, we are currently working on our website capabilities to allow the customer to place their orders directly into our site and allow you to pre-book individual shipments.

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Can I fax/email my request for a shipment?

Accelerated highly recommends that customers send alerts via fax and/or e-mail to provide accurate information on the shipment, from correct addresses to open and close times.

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Can I get updated status information on my shipment from your web site?

Accelerated’s website allows you to check the status of each shipment, see your charges, as well as allow you to print your own hard copy POD’s. Check with you local office to attain your login and password.

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