Oct 16, 2017

Transfer Fee


Accelerated Inc., has tried to continue handling Forward Air Pick-Ups without additional cost, however due to extended waiting times and customers unable to assist in helping the continued issues, we are now being forced to add a transfer fee for all pick-ups at Forward Air.

Currently ACC has a Transfer Fee of:

Min: $15.00        $0.025/lb.            Cap: $125.00

This fee will be implemented on October 23rd, 2017. We greatly apologize for this inconvenience; however, after trying to resolve the solution through the customers and Forward Air, there continues to still be extensive waiting times.

 We will not be able to recoup our drivers cost any further without this fee. In order for ACC to continue to be financially sound and to continue providing a high level of service, it is important for us to retain the drivers we currently have and hire ones that work at the highest, professional level we can find.

Accelerated Inc. Management


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