Specializing in Import / Export Container Freight Solutions

Service Areas

  • Customs Exam Station – HSV
  • CFS Locations: ATL, BNA, CVG, DFW, HSV, MEM, & RDU
  • Drayage, Cross-Docking, Devanning, Breakbulk & Warehousing
  • Carrier Bond to Other Locations


  • Involves the transport of cargo over relatively short distances
  • Closely associated with inter-modal transportation
  • Commonly used in the context of containerized cargo


  • Primary benefit is a reduction in storage and handling costs
  • Involves the minimal storage of products in a warehouse
  • Cross-docking allows for faster order fulfillment


  • Process of unloading cargo or containers from a vessel, typically a ship
  • Containers are removed from the ship’s hold and placed on the dock
  • Ensures that goods are efficiently unloaded from ships


  • Short for “break bulk cargo”
  • Breakbulk cargo are items that are packaged separately
  • Breakbulk cargo often requires special handling equipment


  • Process of storing goods and products in a designated warehouse
  • Secure environment for storing inventory, raw materials, and goods
  • Strategically located within supply chains to facilitate distribution


Full Range of Options to Meet All of Your Transportation Needs

Accelerated uses day cabs, sleepers, straight trucks (w/ lift gate capabilities), and cargo vans. All trailers and rollerbeds are air-ride equipped as well. Please contact us to request a quote and/or for spot rates on shipments.

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