How many offices do you have?

Accelerated has 9 company-owned offices and 12 agents currently in the network. See “Departments” located on the home page for all offices served.

Where is Accelerated’s main office located?

Accelerated’s corporate office is located in Nashville, TN, where it began business in 1977.

Will you be expanding that area soon?

YES, Accelerated is always looking for new opportunities in various areas and trying to expand its network. Currently we are still working towards moving up the East Coast.

What is the geographic area that Accelerated services?

Accelerated services most of the Southeast region. We have expanded service up the East Coast to Washington, DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. We provide service as far west as Dallas and Houston and northwest to Chicago. For a listing of all service locations, select the “Departments” tab located on the home page.

Ordering & Tracking

Can you get quotes directly off your website?

Our website currently does not allow you to get quotes directly off the site. For quotes and/or spot rates on shipments, contact your local Accelerated office.

Does your web page allow you to request a shipment to be dispatched?

NO, we are currently working on our website capabilities to allow the customer to place their orders directly into our site and allow you to pre-book individual shipments.

Can I fax/email my request for a shipment?

Accelerated highly recommends that customers send alerts via fax and/or e-mail to provide accurate information on the shipment, from correct addresses to open and close times.

Can I get updated status information on my shipment from your web site?

Accelerated’s website allows you to check the status of each shipment, see your charges, as well as allow you to print your own hard copy POD’s. Check with you local office to attain your login and password.


Do you handle any ocean freight services?

Accelerated is CFS certified in DFW, MEM, ATL, BNA, and HSV and can handle most of your ocean needs. Accelerated HSV is, in fact, the local CFS, and can handle all your needs including drayage. Contact your local office for rates and service break downs.

Does Accelerated Inc. handle Hazardous Material?

Accelerated Inc. is allowed to move up to 1000 lbs of actual hazardous material based on the declaration that must move with each shipment. We do not move any freight that requires any type of Placard.

Are all Accelerated stations and Agents TSA compliant?

Accelerated, Inc. and all of our agents are TSA compliant and we continually update our list monthly as required. A current copy of our TSA list can be attained by contacting your local Accelerated office and giving them your email address.

How long does it take to get between cities that you service?

Accelerated provides next day service into the majority of our stations and 2nd day service into some of the outer-most stations. See the “Transit Times” located on the home page to see exact services between each city.

Do you do pickup and deliveries to my location?

Accelerated offers pick-up and delivery services in many of our cities. You can find which cities by selecting the “Pick-up and Delivery Service” on the home page.

What type of equipment does Accelerated use?

Accelerated uses day cabs, sleepers, straight trucks (w/ lift gate capabilities), and cargo vans. All trailers and rollerbeds are air-ride equipped as well.

What is the minimum and maximum size shipment you can handle?

We are an LTL company and can handle up to 40,000 lbs per trailer.


Full Range of Options to Meet All of Your Transportation Needs

Accelerated uses day cabs, sleepers, straight trucks (w/ lift gate capabilities), and cargo vans. All trailers and rollerbeds are air-ride equipped as well. Please contact us to request a quote and/or for spot rates on shipments.

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