Accelerated Inc. offers a full range of options to meet all of your transportation needs.

Cartage Service is just one of the many services Accelerated, Inc. provides. Cartage is the service of transporting goods a relatively short distance, such as across town, or to areas that are relatively close in proximity. Below is a list of cities Accelerated, Inc. provides Cartage Service to:
In the transportation industry, “cartage” refers to the process of transporting goods or cargo short distances, usually within a local metro area or between nearby locations. It involves the movement of goods using trucks, vans, or other similar vehicles for delivery or distribution. Cartage services are commonly used to move freight from one point to another within the same city or region, often as part of a larger supply chain or logistics network.

Cartage services are particularly useful for businesses that need to move goods between their warehouse or distribution centers and their customers, suppliers, or retail outlets. It allows for efficient and cost-effective movement of goods without the need for long-distance transportation methods like shipping or airfreight.

Overall, cartage plays a crucial role in the last-mile delivery aspect of the transportation and logistics industry, ensuring that goods reach their final destinations in a timely fashion. Please contact Accelerated for more information on our Cartage services.


Full Range of Options to Meet All of Your Transportation Needs

Accelerated uses day cabs, sleepers, straight trucks (w/ lift gate capabilities), and cargo vans. All trailers and rollerbeds are air-ride equipped as well. Please contact us to request a quote and/or for spot rates on shipments.

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