COVID19 03/16/2020

Mar 16, 2020

ACC Customers:
As the corona-virus outbreak continues to grow and evolve, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recently released guidance for businesses and employers to help reduce workplace exposures.
In accordance with the CDC protocols, Accelerated Courier promotes a clean & hygienic environment. We have trained our management, supervisors, dispatchers and office staff on what to do if an employee is feeling ill and have created the below guidelines for all our employees to follow.

Accelerated is fully committed to keeping operations open. However, we must follow all CDC and government protocols that have or will be mandated. There is a continuity plan in place to be activated should any closures be mandated in the coming days and weeks. We will continue to provide updates here on our website to keep you up-to-date with our service.

Drivers and employees who may become infected or have a family member who is infected will be quarantined and must stay home from work. We will do our best to replace drivers, however we cannot guarantee anything due to the unforeseen, unpredictable circumstances. All ACC staff are working diligently to keep work stations sanitized at all times to decrease the spread of germs and potential illnesses. ACC management will be closely monitoring our staff & customer partnerships to ensure everyone stays as healthy as possible and service is met to the best of our ability.
Because of the economic slowdown & internal cutbacks at the airlines, we’ve seen wait times significantly increase at the cargo terminals. As a result, we will be enforcing strict wait time charges when this occurs in all major hubs.


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