Oct 7, 2016


Dear valued customers,

Please be advised our MCO office is closed today and will remain closed until the storm has passed and the current travel ban for the roads in Orange County is removed. Our MIA office has re-opened today for local pick-ups and deliveries.

At this time we plan to resume scheduled Line-haul operations into MIA and TPA for Saturday morning arrivals. Due to current back-log of freight into MIA transit delays can be expected until the back-log can be cleared.

Outbound departures from MIA and TPA will resume tomorrow, October 8th.

Line-haul operations in and out of MCO remain suspended today.

Service to SAV remains suspended.

Possible interruptions in service in the south east through the Carolina’s are still a real possibility as the storm moves north depending on the path of the storm.

Our top priorities are the safety of our employees and the safe transit of your cargo.

We will continue to provide updates throughout the day and for the duration of the storm as it impacts the markets we service as changes to normal operating schedules are made.

We want to thank you for your understanding and continued support of Accelerated, Inc.

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